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Historically, Russian and former Soviet engineering schools have been widely recognized and accepted all around the globe. Afterlogic's goal is to leverage the power of Russian tech spirit while keeping the peace of mind of our customers by providing USA jurisdiction to all the operations.

We bring you the expertise of Russian specialists, while working with a USA-based company.


We helped Acision build a number of modern web portals servicing millions of subscribers of the world leading mobile network operators.

We also leveraged our expertise in communication protocols and technologies to optimize Acision's messaging infrastructure.

In this project we utilized a broad set of technologies, from user interface implementation to building custom Linux distributions for deep optimization of Acision backend infrastructure.

- MMS GUI development. Viewing/managing/transcoding MMS audio and video messages.

- Voicemail and fax messages GUI, account settings.

- Customer care GUI - a web tool for the operator's support staff. Includes lots of tools including user management, permission management, viewing system logs, etc.

- Postfix MTA scripts for tracking message traffic.

- Building custom Linux RPM packages for deployment of customized server components.

We designed and implemented webmail interface front-end which uses Acision platform as a backend, with LDAP-based public address book. Also we performed branding of the user interface according the operator's standards.


Our task was to design and develop webmail interface which lets subscribers access voice and fax messages and configure their account settings.


"Through all the years of our cooperation, AfterLogic has always been the reliable partner backed with a team of web and messaging technologies experts.

AfterLogic's ability to provide on-site and online support and maintenance for up to 24x7 level is also the important factor for us, helping us build and run the platforms which serve hundreds of millions of people worldwide."

Sergey Buravov,
Senior Project Manager

Medicity hired us to develop a messaging system for healthcare industry.

Based on our ASP.NET platform, the customized solution enabled "delegates" concept and custom storage of e-mails with REST API.

MS SQL Server

The solution developed for Medicity lets healthcare industry professionals work with their e-mail and delegate access to their accounts to other members.

This solution supports all the typical features of a webmail client along with the ability to access delegated accounts, search through the available healthcare specialists, assign and manage delegations.

REST API was developed to use Medicity's internal facilities of delivering messages into the system rather than plain POP3.

MS SQL Server

"Working with AfterLogic was a smooth experience. High-quality code, quick turnarounds, flexible minds. And project on time.

Always open to suggest ideas and discuss better ways of making things work, AfterLogic guys helped us meet all the challenges of this project. Even changing some original requirements for performance sake during the project lifecycle was no-brainer with AfterLogic and didn't have any impact on the budget."

Lance Rodela,
Director, Product Management

Citibooq hired us to create an innovative web portal and iOS app for their touristic service which helps travellers find amazing places all over the world.

Web portal app we developed consists of a set of Single-Page-Application front-ends and JSON REST server as a backend.

The portal app provides rich audio/video/imaging capabilities so we utilized a number of tools to organize media streaming/transcoding and applying various effects to images. The project is deeply integrated with social networks, geo-positioning, and mapping services.

We also developed the iPhone application companion which uses the same JSON REST server as a backend.

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"AfterLogic was just a perfect choice of a professional services team for our start-up. Their competence, perfect timing and attention to details is what they are the best at. Keep up the great work and good luck!"

Igor Saakyants,
CEO, Citibooq

Netvision decided to choose us to build a web front-end for their mail server and contacts LDAP directory.

Our experience in building user interfaces which support both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left layouts was the important factor for this decision.

We optimized our PHP messaging solution to work in Netvision's cluster environment, added a custom authentication layer, enabled deep integration with their LDAP directory for accessing contacts, and branded the look-n-feel to conform to their corporate style.

The platform now successfully serves about a million of Netvision subscribers, seamlessly integrated into their user portal.


"Over the years, AfterLogic has proven itself as not only the experienced technology company but also a long-term partner you can count on in a distant perspective.

For a large long-running project, it's vital to protect your investments and have peace of mind knowing that the team behind the project is always around and ready to help, whatever happens. AfterLogic shares the same values so we found it the right fit for this strategy."

Valentin Zaharov,
System Group Manager

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